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Patriot Kids recognizes the untold sacrifices of every member of America’s Armed Forces. Indeed, Ross H. Mackenzie carefully crafted each book to highlight those many sacrifices while also hoping to assist the thousands of families left at home while service members defend our nation overseas.

Our mission is that our books and products will bolster national pride in our service members, be an invaluable resource for service member families, and be engaging, educational books for military kids who are so proud of their parents and yearn to know more about their parent’s respective military profession.


Following the terrorist attacks on our country in 2001, Ross H. Mackenzie personally witnessed hundreds of military families who were affected by our country’s response to those attacks. Military families nationwide were turned upside down and separated as soldiers and sailors deployed overseas in dramatic numbers to react to our aggressors. That was a time of incredible national pride, American flags on cars and lapels, and overt support of our soldiers and sailors.

As time progressed, however, media coverage and national interest in the positive affect our soldiers and sailors were making overseas waned. Yet our soldiers and sailors still deployed. Their families still suffered from their continued sacrifice that defends America’s interests, freedom, and liberties. This frustrating shift in political and public opinion was the germinating seed of Patriot Kids. Mackenzie, and author and former service member himself, wondered what he could do to affect change in public opinion while also creating tools that would help those thousands of military families (and kids) who deal with separation on a daily basis. Patriot Kids was born and published My Sailor Dad in 2008. As time passed we discerned a need for (and readers requested) a partner book. Patriot Kids published My Soldier Dad in 2017.

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